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How do i store and care for my banners?
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When ready to store your vinyl banner for future use, make sure the banner is completely clean & dry.

• If banner is dirty and it needs to be cleaned, we recommend to lay the banner flat on a clean surface and wash it with soap water or non solvent detergents (no petroleum based detergents) then rinse with water.

• Be sure your vinyl banner is completely dry on both sides before storing.

• Next, go ahead and roll your banner with the graphic printed side out, insert it in to the poly bag that you received your banner in and then place it in a box.


Please do not fold your Vinyl banner, roll very tight or very loose to avoid crease marks and cracking to appear on your vinyl banner permanently.

Please be sure to save poly tube bag that you received your vinyl banner in for storing.

Please ensure your banner is completely dry before to avoid mildew

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