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Sheet plastics are available at Allen Sign Company in a rainbow of colors, textures and thickness to fit any application or preference. Colors range from the mild (red, white or blue) to the wild (metallic, rustic and even shocking pink). A color combination of the top layer and base material is available for virtually any application. Along with colors, you are also able to choose from a variety of textures. Some of the texture finishes are smooth, pebble, metallic, matte, super glossy, satin, silk, marble and wood grain.

Choosing the correct gauge or thickness is another consideration for the specific job you are working on. Micro laminated plastics are available in a variety of thickness ranging from a very thin .020 in. to a very durable gauge of 1/8 in. Standard thickness for engraving and sign stock are 1/8" (3.0 mm), 1/16 (l.5 mm) and 1/32" (.75mm).

To help with choosing the correct color combination and finish, material manufacturers have created sample books featuring all of the colors and surfaces available. These samples books are excellent to show customers, architects, or designers the look of the finished product and will also increase your sales of signs, badges and plates.

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