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Patriotism extends to your home state!  Allen Sign Company provides the opportunity for you to show your pride with state flags made to official state design specifications of 100% heavyweight SolarMax® nylon. The flags are lightweight with vibrant colors and crisp designs and finished with a pole sleeve and gold fringe. They are available in two sizes: 3x5 ft and 4x6 ft. Miniature desk flags are also available in 4x6 in and 8x12 in.


We also proudly carry the FMAA Certification Seal, which guarantees that all of the American, State, Armed Forces, International and Religious flags and all of our patriotic decorations are made in the U.S.A. with materials that are domestic in origin.  All processes in every step of the U.S. flag's manufacture were completed in U.S.A. facilities with U.S.A. labor.Indoor flags come in three sizes and include a floor stand, eagle ornament and gold cord and tassel:• 3x5 ft with 8-ft flagpole - perfect for your office or lobby• 4x6 ft with 9-ft flagpole - suitable for large rooms and church alters• 5x8 ft with 12-ft flagpole - recommended for auditoriums.As mentioned above, our state flags are all made of 100% heavyweight SolarMax® Nylon.  These flags are finished with strong duck heading and solid number 2 sized brass grommets.  


Our state flags are not surface printed; they are made with a proprietary Anco-Dye acid-dye process so that the bright vivid colors penetrate to the core of the SolarMax nylon fabric. Our SolarMax material is 100% manufactured in the USA and treated with UV inhibiting chemicals that help prevent our flags from deteriorating in harsh sunlight.  Because they are manufactured from light-weight, fast-drying nylon, our flags fly in the lightest breezes.


To order flags email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 1-800-844-3524.

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