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Allen Sign Company plaques and panels add prestige and a sense of permanence to any building or development!  Whether your plaques are cast, architectural, etched, or those require ADA specifications, Allen Sign Company can create your marker, seal or plaque to fit your needs.  All of Allen Sign's ADA/Wayfinding plaques are made from solid metal in order to provide a superior product that will not chip or crack like common acrylic and photopolymers. You can choose from base metal or other color selections, including up to 1200 dpi photographic images for the surface of your plaques. When combined with our patent-pending ADA process that does not use loose beads for the Braille component or rely on imperfect, non-compliant castings–the result is a breathtaking example of how effectively designed ADA plaques don't have to be a distraction from a project's overall beauty, but instead actually enhance it.

Allen Sign Company can create and manufacture your plaque to fit your budget and time constraints according to your budget.

We use a variety of methods to manufacture your plaque, all using prime materials of the purest alloys.  Whether you require lead and mercury free bronze, high-grade aluminum, lead-free brass or #304 or even #316 stainless steel, Allen Sign Company has the metal you need to make a lasting impression.  Recognize someone on your team for a job well done, celebrate a retirement or winning an award, memorialize a loved one or commemorate a historic place – our specialized plaque sales staff is ready to assist you!

We offer the following:

  • · Designs in any shape – same price
  • · Earth-friendly process – lead and mercury free alloys
  • · Lifetime Guarantee
  • · Standard Borders
  • · Custom Borders
  • · Common background colors
  • · Brushed finish
  • · Edge color
  • · Bronze and other finishes

With bronze plaques, all Patinas, by their very nature, will vary from plaque to plaque and order to order, and will change over time.  Patina finishes may “bleed” onto the installation surface when installed outside.  The only exception to this is the Nouveau Patina, which is a powder coat with a copper-flake additive.  This finish weathers as a typical painted background.

Ask us about rejuvenating your Plaques! After years of exposure your plaque will show signs of aging.  Bronze plaques will begin to patina, while aluminum plaques will lose their raw aluminum appearance and will begin to have an oxide sin on the surface of all exposed aluminum.  If you would like to bring back to life your existing plaque with a fresh background coating with new brushed satin raised copy, Allen Sign Company’s rejuvenation program may be for you!  Please call Allen Sign Company at 1-800-844-3524 or 1-865-573-3524 and send us a photograph of your plaque’s current state, because not all plaques can undergo this treatment.  Typically, rejuvenation is 50% of the price of a new plaque but may vary depending on plaque material, condition and origin of manufacture.

Don't see what you are looking for? Allen Sign Company can meet your Architectural / Award Sign Systems needs. Visit our custom design page for more details, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call us at 1-800-844-3524 or 1-865-573-3524

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