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Allen Sign Company offers a wide range of signage solutions in dimensional materials such as Wood, Metal, Plastic and Foam.

Installing Allen Sign Company metal or acrylic laminate on foam letters just got easier thanks to a thin gauge of ABS laminated to the letter backs. Now you have the option of adding pads or stud blocks to these letters for greater mounting options. Plus, the added ABS backing provides more strength and stability to prevent breakage during shipping and installation. 

Allen Sign Company’s Formed Plastic and Foam Letters are the most popular and durable product in the sign industry today.  The utmost in versatility, Allen Sign Company’s guaranteed-for-life formed letters are the standard for most local businesses as well as office parks, retail chains and almost anywhere there is a need for dimensional signage.  Formed plastic letters and their inexpensive molds make it easy to customize a letter style or logo for the perfect 3D sign.  Formed letters also provide the deepest dimension for the money invested.  Because we extrude our own sheets of Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB), we save money in the production cost which we can pass on to our customers.

We offer you the ability to create Custom Formed Plastic Letters & Logos:

· Up to 2” deep

· Flat, round or prismatic face

· Single formed pieces up to 45” x 68”

· Custom paint matching

Allen Sign Company’s Cast Metal lettering option offers durability and long lasting beauty!  When a sense of permanency and depth is required on professional offices, universities and other permanent buildings, Allen Sign Company’s bronze and aluminum cast letters offer the depth you need.  With many different finishes including polished, oxidized or anodized (using Aluminum Anodizers Council and American Institute of Architects guidelines), you can achieve the classic look and deep dimension of cast metal letters for less than what you would expect to pay for such quality presentation.  In all, Allen Sign Company features more than 60 standard styles, with many different finish options.

• Custom logos are available at minimum expense – especially with multiple sets of orders.

• Earth-friendly – no lead or mercury and all trim is recycled in the casting process.

• Over 60 standard styles.

Allen Sign Company’s Stainless Steel Fabricated Letters options are perfect architectural letters for retail or other areas where high-end quality fabrication is an absolute must.  Built to your specifications (face and returns) in a wide variety of finishes such as brushed, polished or painted, Allen Sign Company’s Fabricated Stainless Steel Letters can be produced to your required depth and size.  Titanium coatings are also available in several different color and finish options.  Our fabricated letters are expertly crafted to meet the exacting requirements of your sophisticated clientele.  With lead-free solder and crisp 90° edges, Allen Sign Company Fabricated Letters offer the technical specifications of such letters with the utmost in beauty and quality.

· Virtually unlimited design potential

· Perfect for LED lighting

· Letters manufactured in North America

Don't see what you are looking for? Allen Sign Company can meet your plastic, foam, wood and metal formed letter printing needs. Visit our custom design page for more details, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 1-800-844-3524 or 1-865-573-3524. 

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