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Allen Sign Company’s Digital billboards, also referred to as electronic billboards and LED billboards, have been getting a lot of attention in the outdoor advertising industry. And rightfully so. Simply put, they provide a more effective medium for advertisers who want to reach their audience with timely and relevant marketing messages. Cost benefits are easy to calculate, as going digital increases revenue potential for billboard operators by increasing the number of messages and advertisers each board face can display. And the LED billboard revolution in outdoor advertising has just begun. Of the approximately 450,000 billboards in the U.S., approximately 0.55% have been converted to digital.

Allen Sign Company’s Digital billboards display content that typically updates every 4 - 10 seconds, depending on state and local billboard regulations. Allen Sign Company, in conjunction with Watchfire has been the gold standard for image quality, durability and ease of use since we introduced our first LED signs in 1996. Our digital billboards are in compliance with the Outdoor Advertising Association of America's Code of Industry Practices in that they comply with brightness standards and do not feature animation, flashing lights, scrolling, or full-motion video. Our digital billboards are more energy-efficient, more technologically advanced and more user-friendly than ever.

Advertisers and billboard operators are not the only people benefiting. Law enforcement and community groups are also benefiting from the flexibility and power of digital billboards. Digital billboard operators have made space available on their electronic billboards to announce everything from community events, such as concerts and council meetings, to public safety notices, such as Amber Alerts and severe weather warnings.

What's the difference between digital billboards and "on-premise" LED signs?

Digital Outdoor: A digital billboard is used to display multiple advertisers' messages, and is typically located off-premise. In other words, it is not located on a business's property, but is located some distance away, often along a roadside where it is more visible to traffic and the public. Billboard operators sell media space on the digital billboard to advertisers.

On-premise LED Signs: An on-premise LED sign is located outdoors on the premises of a business. Smaller than a billboard and typically mounted on the building, in a monument display or on a set of posts, this type of LED display is used by the business owner or organization exclusively to directly promote their specific business or organization. On-premise digital signs can usually use animation, scrolling, or full-motion video, depending on local zoning regulations.

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